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  If you are new to all of this;

In order to have a website online you will need 3 basic things:

A website built

A Domain name registered

A website Host

Aurora specializes in getting small, basic websites online for reasonable rates.
Some examples would be sites for a business, a club or committee, a family, an event or just sharing.

Larger sites can be done too. Visit the Get a Website page to view examples.

So, what do you need?

I need a website and all that goes along with it.

Aurora Online is for you. We will build you website, register your domain name and host it for you.

I have a website but would like a less expensive hosting company and domain name.

We can apply Aurora Online to any existing website so your domain and hosting is taken care of in one place and with now worries.

I just need a website built, I currently have a host I would like to stay with.

We can build your website, send it to you and you can take it wherever you wish.

In addition to the basics, we edit and add graphics, gadgets, counters and more.
So if you
have a website that needs a face-lift or some fun add-ons, that can be done too.

Aurora Online

Aurora Online is a full-service package that get's your website online for a great price. Your site is registered (domain) through, hosted by and updated with Aurora Web Services. You also get up to (5) e-mail boxes with the hosting.

The really nice part about Aurora Online for your website is that it is one stop shopping and peace of mind.

Please, browse this site, view our example websites, look around out there, and compare prices.

After viewing our services, you find yourself interested in a website, Aurora Online hosting package or site enhancements, please contact me by E-mail or call #906-289-4588.
Thank you, Karen